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All the best athletes have something in common – they have a coach to push them to achieve their best performance. Just as coaching is an essential part of achieving a great sporting career, it has become essential for running a successful business. An Evolve business coach or mentor brings a fresh and unbiased perspective to improving the way you run and manage your company. We will guide, motivate, reassure and push both you and your employees, helping your business to perform at the optimum level.

Why use us?

At Evolve, we understand that for many Australians their Small to Medium Business is their “Super”.

We know that many Australians invest heavily in their business, therefore forgoing more traditional investment such as Savings, Shares and Superannuation, to build their business to fund their eventual retirement.

One of our biggest frustrations is we see that too many times the end game doesn’t meet expectation, that is the picture we visualise for our success. The reasons we work so hard for ourselves, doesn’t always become a reality, and business owners don’t always (rarely) obtain the reward for all the time and effort they invested.

Our goal at Evolve is to create a valuable nest egg for business owners that will provide them with financial stability, flexibility and freedom of choice in their lives.

To achieve this, we have partnered with Maus Business Systems, and we are part of an International network of advisors and consultants, whom with together we run the world’s #1 Business Success program – “Your Business Success”, which contains proven strategies that deliver stunning results.

Our Services

At Evolve, we avoid a one size fits all approach to improving your business.
Here is a sample of the many services we offer, tailored to suit your individual needs;

Business Planning Services

We can assist with the structure and writing of your business plan, including competitive strategy, marketing plan and full financials. We can then help establish a detailed action plan for your business. At a set time each month, we can remind, amend and record where you are with regard to your business goals.

Preparing your business for sale

A large majority of business owners are relying on their business as a sole source of retirement income. We can help you prepare your business so you get the best possible sale price

KPI Monitoring Services

We can work closely with the key members of your business. We can establish Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) unique to your business, enabling the relevant and most important areas of your business to be accurately monitored on a monthly basis. We can gather the data and create consistent monthly scorecards for you, analysing the performance of your business on numerous levels and making sure that strategies are effectively implemented.

Performance Management Services

Through consultation with you and your management team, we can assist you to put proper performance management systems in place, allowing you to maximise the productivity of your staff through motivation and encouragement.

Improving Business Process

We can assist you to improve your business processes so you are WORKING ON the business and not IN the business.

Work Life Balance Coaching

There is more to life than just work!! We work with business owners on an individual basis to ensure balance exists, and your personal health and wellness does not suffer.

We also run programs for workplace wellness – enhancing the wellness of employees by:

  • encouraging long-term commitment to workplace wellness
  • assessing employee and workplace needs
  • developing, implementing and evaluating wellness strategies in consultation with employees and management

Business Programs

We manage and develop tailored business programs and workshops for individual business owners and employees including;

    • Business Improvement
    • Continued Improvement
    • Self Confidence
    • Sales and Marketing
    • Leadership Development
    • Sales Performance
    • Personal Improvement
    • Team Development
    • Change Success

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